We’d like to tell you guys the story behind our tees production. As a small start-up company, it was a real challenge for us to find a good manufacturer, let alone one who works with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and Fairtrade cotton. It was very important to us to use organic and Fairtrade cotton from the start, as we wanted to have the most sustainable and fair approach as possible. However, most producers we were finding were asking us huge quantities and were not really willing to help a small company getting started. After months of research, we decided to go with a GOTS and Fairtrade certified manufacturer in Porto (Portugal), home of Port and some famous football teams apparently ;-S. This factory produced our best first sample and importantly, they were willing to help us start out.

So we went to visit the factory in Porto, it was great to meet the bosses, Dirk and Vitor, who we developed our collection with. They also told us all about the factory, which is a family-run business who cares about their people and the environment. They took us to meet their printer and we were shown the art of screen printing. We saw some of ours samples being printed . Because our prints are very detailed and have a lot of colours in them, it is a long process. This was great as we had never seen it first hand before. Plus to have our products coming out as the end result gave us a bit of a kick.

Our producers use water-based and GOTS certified inks to make sure the Atlantic stays pretty and the local wildlife isn’t affected. This trip was super interesting, plus we got to visit Porto, which if you ever go, get in touch and we can recommend a GREAT fish restaurant)! But back to production. Having our manufacturer in the EU is really important to us, it means: quality of products, absolutely no sweatshops, we’re closer to our production, and…we can eat a tone of Nata tarts when we go there!

Climbing wall looking building in Porto

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