After an amazing trip to California, from San Fransciso, to Yosemite, then Monterey, Big Sur and more, we came back super inspired and started working on illustrations for our tees prints. We were so impressed with the grandeur of Yosemite and all the big wall climbing going on there, as well as the whole Native American history of the place, that we decided to create our first collection around that. Hence the ‘Totookahnulah’ tee, especially.

On our trip, we also saw some very cool street art, especially in San Francisco, which, along with Native American art, was a rich source of inspiration for designing prints like Katahdin, Valkyrie and Bas Cu’. We wanted to bring the modernity and coolness of the street art we saw, to the tradional Native American art.

We also wanted to pay tribute to our origins, being a franco-english company. So we imagined the Ahwahnee people from Yosemite, taking a little trip to Europe and setting up their Tepees in the Peak District, Fontainebleau or the south of France ! Guessed which tees we’re referring to ?!   When creating our prints, we love to mix influences, as well as media – photo collage, hand drawing, ink, marker… With our prints, we want to tell a story, we want each one of them to be personal and unique. And the best way for us to do that, is to keep climbing, exploring new places, and have fun creating prints inspired by our climbing experiences, which hopefuly will touch other climbers too.

Stay tuned for the story of each print - coming soon!

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