"I was working in Bangalor, in the IT industry, then I quit my job and drove 2000 km, into the mountains, in the Himalaya. I was living in a town called Leh, which is at 3500 m, I lived there for 6 years. That’s when I got into alpinism. I did an alpine rock face on a mountain called Hanuman Tibba. We tried the north face of Hanuman Tibba which had never been tried. We were just young, wild and stupid. So we barely did one fourth of the mountain. We did it with minimal equipment, we barely had anything – I had 3 friends, 4 or 5 nuts and 4 or 5 pitons. We borrowed ice axes, crampons and ropes, and we went on this crazy route and it was epic! We climbed for 3 days. We had lots of accidents but we all came back alive without anyone getting hurt. It was spectacular."

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