"Climbing is a release I guess - creativity, energy... I’ve got lots of friends who are climbers, so it’s really like an entire aspect of my life. Without climbing I don’t really know what I’d do, because the gym wouldn’d replace it, I wouldn’t have the same group of friends, the same opportunities to go outdoors, particularly being an engineer... It’s not just strength, there’s an aspect of creativity – reading the routes, getting away from all the troubles of life and focusing on something else for a while."


"I’m going to start working for a big engineering professional services firm in the city. I’m interested in joining the company to help make cities greener and have a more sustainable development, thinking about material choices as an aspect of that.

I think climbing really opens that window to the world that is beautiful, and then you see us tearing down land, building and building... when you become a climber you sort of have respect for the environment you’re part of."

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Nice blog! I work as an energy engineer based in London. My professional role is to help large organisations implement projects that reduce their energy consumption whilst simultaneously cutting their CO2 output and financial spend. I find that climbing keeps me connected to the environment and helps me to appreciate the beautiful world that we live in! It also keeps me humble and provides me with a fantastic social group…. keep climbing! !!

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