“I simply love climbing and all that it brings to my life. It keeps me healthy physically and mentally. Alongside the obvious benefits, climbing also inspires me to strive for more. You see, the more you climb, the more skills you learn and the stronger you get, the more opportunities open up to you. As time has passed and I’ve developed as a climber, so has my understanding of the places it enables me to go. I never once imagined I'd be establishing big walls in Mexico or writing guidebooks to bouldering in New York, but climbing has inspired me to push that much further.”

“What are your happiest and worst climbing memories?”

“I guess a couple of the top ones are bolting and establishing the FA of a new 5.12d (F7c) big wall route in Mexico last Winter. I also have incredibly fond memories of my time introducing kids from the Barrios of Monterrey to rock climbing for the first time and witnessing the almost magical effect it had on their lives.

One of my worst memories is crawling for more than 7 hours through the desert of Oman while bleeding pretty bad after a rock crushed my face and another punctured my ankle while trying to establish a new big wall route. Although now I look back and see the positive impact it had on my life, I certainly wouldn't like to go through it again.”

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