“I was a suit for 12 years; company car, regular well paid job, holidays, pension etc. Would I go back into sales and marketing? No!

Being 100 meters up on a full day's climb and finding the most exposed and awesome spot to just hold on with one hand and place one foot, then lean right out and look at how flaming lucky I am to be alive, this gives me an inner smile that is certainly an addiction. It's not about the difficulty, it’s about the view, who I'm climbing with and the sheer quality of the climb. I would not do this on some 'wet, horrid, loose nightmare', instead I choose to do this in the Dolomites which just removes the words 'wet, horrid & nightmare' from the list.”

 “After my son was born I was out on my first climbs and was soloing a long UK route. I went off route and had to perform some extremely tenuous moves to regain the correct line. I learned just what is important in life and I will never forget the feeling of focus and terror that accompanied those moves required to get home and hug my son. Needless to say that I bagged the moves, but 9 years on, this still brings me almost to tears, and of course I still climb.”

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