"I did a PHD in Quantum Physics in Holland, then I worked in London, then I worked here as a lecturer in Sydney University. Then I tried to become a professional musician (Bandoneon, which you can study in only 3 places in the world). Then I did a bicycle recycling workshop in Holland for 4 years. And then I opened this gym. So a few different things!"


"The relationship between indoor and outdoor climbing is getting blurred. There’s stuff that you do indoors that you can’t do outdoors – Dynamic style moves where you run and jump – you don’t find that outdoors. And also the liberties you can take indoors in terms of safety, it all makes it very attractive for a lot of people. Bouldering is a young sport anyway, so it’s logical that it evolves. But you have to be careful in Australia to not go overboard, as much as I love that style, if you introduce too much of that too soon, you put people off."

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