In a mildly psychotic flash, the Telegraph Outdoor 2016 Show has been and gone. Sitting here now, the day after the event, trying to process the whole palaver, I look back on this event and see the extremes - the highs and the lows...

But dwelling on the lows is not our thing, so we quickly forget the climbers that prove that performance doesn’t bring manners or integrity, or the card terminal that decided it didn’t want to take payments mid show. Instead we linger on the highs...

As a new brand we knew we were going to be on and up on an upward facing treadmill, with other brands there that were not only well established, but were going big and bold. We got there and DMM didn’t disappoint and we were immediately daunted by the prospect of taking these guys on. But after days of neighbourly behaviour we could not have been more wrong and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Alongside these climbers, we had the pleasure of meeting four other climbers who deserve a mention - Molly Thompson-Smith, Matt Cousins, Storme Biggs and Rachel Carr, who all took the time to come and see what we were all about and left with garments to brighten up their climbing sessions.  Some even wore them while competing, which for us was the 2nd best thrill of the show.

The 1st... You guys and our reception from climbers visiting the show was the biggest buzz.  As it was the first time we had facilitated face-to-face sales in our company history, confidence was dissuaded by the unknown public perception. But after four days of putting ourselves out there, we are confident that the climbing tribe want their colourful, unique and stylish clothing that has ethical standards – Constant here to stay!

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