Blokfest is always a huge event, and only partly because it is in the capital. The setting is always crazy fun and the atmosphere hugely surpasses that of a normal local comp. I definitely thought it would be worth the effort to get to as many rounds as possible this year, and so far I have not been wrong, despite the usual northerner trying to navigate the underground mishaps!

The latest round was at The Westway climbing centre. There’s always a lot of very accessible problems so despite going the wrong way on the tube and arriving late I had quickly settled into the rhythm of things. There was definitely some funk to deal with in qualifiers though, and a running mantle soon put the pressure on. The new live score system also adds some interest and I was battling out for a spot in the final until the last few minutes, with about 10 girls within only a few points of the five important places. Somehow I enjoyed the frantic scrabble for points and it payed off earning me a spot in the final. Fellow Constant Climber Jonny White unfortunately missed out on a spot in a stacked men’s final by only a couple of points.

As well as always being exciting, there is also a lot of pressure in a Blokfest final. The problems are never super hard for the women, just a bit whacky. I am renowned for struggling with a ‘flash’ final, one where it’s very important to do the problems first go, but that was what I had gone to practice. For the first time in a comp I really kept my head together, I even went for a tactical toilet break to calm down before the final problem, and it worked! I was mega happy to flash all the blocs to take the win, especially with the pressure of all the other girls being so close behind. I’m really looking forward to the last round of the series at the Castle next weekend.


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