Our Story


We are an ethical lifestyle brand dedicated to the climbing community. Our mission is to offer quality lifestyle clothing and accessories to climbing lovers, and give an ethical and sustainable alternative to buying cool clothes.

The origins of Constant Climbing

We are Constant Climbers. We were brought together by our mutual passion for climbing.

Marine is the designer and founder of Constant Climbing. She is a French (I know what you’re thinking) climber who grew up in the French Alps and now resides in London.
Having worked in the fashion industry since she got her degree in 2010, she wasn’t enjoying the “Devil Wears Prada” or wasteful aspects of this industry. So she decided to combine her passion for climbing and fashion together, and do something she really believed in.

Jez is the co-founder. He is a climbing industry professional, native to Greater London and a regular frequenter of all things climb-y in London and further afield.
He set up and worked in a few climbing centers in London, and also got his Masters while working at one of its dedicated bouldering centers.

 Our mission

We want to bring fashion-ability and further community to the climbing world, with visually engaging as well as ethical clothing. Our aim is to bring a bit of funkiness and colour in climbing clothing. We believe that climbing stuff should be as exciting as climbing itself.

We want to offer good quality clothing that respects the environment. Our t-shirts are designed in the UK and made in Portugal, from 100% Fairtrade certified and organic cotton, which means, better for the environment, better working conditions for our cotton farmers and better cotton quality for you guys. We also use water-based and GOTS certified inks for our prints. We believe that, as climbers, we should be looking after our planet, its people and its rocks.

Our tees are produced in small quantities, which means you’re gonna look pretty cool and unique on the wall!