Hey, I'm Marine Constant. I'm a designer and illustrator based in London, UK.

I was born in Lille, France and grew up in the Alps. I studied Fashion Design in the North of France - historic centre of the textile industry. Once I got my degree, I moved to London to work in the fashion industry. This is where my interest for the graphic arts grew and I started orientating my work in the graphic design field. I now work on illustration projects, logo design, textile print design, and more.

I invite you to peruse my portfolio for examples of my work.

Being passionate about yoga, climbing and the environment, my work is very much inspired by these subjects and so I love to collaborate with like-minded people and brands. So if it's your jam too, give me a shout!

Brands I work, and have worked with, include Petit Patron, Atelier Neko, Jasper Conran, Westway Climbing, plus a variety of individual clients.

I am available for freelance and commission work. My portfolio of artwork is also available for licensing.


My Story

I grew up in the French Alps, where I discovered the mountains and got into climbing. I stopped for a few years and went on to study fashion design. After my degree, I moved to London to work in the fashion industry.
After a few years, I realised this mad world wasn't for me - I wanted to do something that respected people and the planet we live on. So I decided to combine my resurfacing passion for climbing and my design skills and start an ethical lifestyle brand - Constant Climbing. The same year I launched my brand, I found yoga and it is more recently that I got completely hooked. Yoga has brought me balance and works perfectly with climbing and creativity.
Starting my own brand was fascinating and it taught me so much but wasn't always an easy journey.
Constant Climbing has now evolved into the Constant brand, which is a more general design and illustration brand. My passions are still a great source of inspiration for me, but most importantly, the ethics behind those practices are what drive me the most. Get in touch if we're on the same wave length!