Date of birth


27th March 2000

Where are you from?

Hackney, London.

Where do you live now?

Hackney, London

How did you get into climbing?

I started when I was 8 because my parents thought I should join another sport. I was so energetic and already did circus training, swimming, dance, gymnastics and tennis. Then it turned out to be my whole world!

What's your favourite climbing venue?

Stronghold, UK

When you're not climbing, what are you doing?

Watching climbing videos, thinking about climbing or playing with my cats.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

Either face planting into the Surrey quay at the DWS comp in Exeter, or the junior world championships 2015 in Arco, where I made semi finals!

What do you love about climbing?

How you can just get lost in a climb for an hour and not think about anything else. Also how there are no boundaries, it's like a playground for all ages.

Who are the people that inspire you?

Hazel Findlay, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Alex Honnold

What’s your favourite Constant Climbing tee/design?

Atelier and Totookahnulah

Do you have a motto?

Make it happen.

Favourite film?

Fight club

Cheese or cake or cheesecake?

Cheesecake definitely!!