Date of birth

24th December 1994

Where are you from?


Where do you live now?

At University in Sheffield. Live in Manchester in the holidays.

How did you get into climbing?

I was always very sporty so someone recommended I had my tenth birthday party at Rope Race climbing wall in Marple. I wasn’t very good but I loved it. I went every weekend for a couple of years then entered my first competition, the BMC youth series and surprised my self by coming 4th. I decided then i should start training, made easier by the opening of Manchester Climbing Centre and Awesome Walls Stockport. I have been training and competing seriously since i was about 15 and made the National Youth team aged 17.

When you're not climbing, what are you doing?

Unfortunately nearly always uni work or sleeping at the moment. I’m enjoying my course; Biochemistry and Microbiology, but it’s hard work. I love doing other sports like running and playing badminton when I get the chance.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience ?

In July of 2012 I came 2nd in the BMC lead youth open, my best youth result and found out I made the British Team while in London in the Olympic Stadium which I had flown to straight after the competition in Edinburgh.

I think my best result, however, has to be coming 3rd in the British Lead climbing championships in 2015. I have primarily been a boulderer since moving into seniors in 2013 so was so happy to perform well in a lead comp.

I have not had the chance to climb outside a lot yet but last year I went to Portugal and managed to persuade the family to let me do some climbing. I only had one short session but liked the look of a 7c+ (I had previously only climbed 7b outdoors). I power-screamed my way up on my 4th and last attempt of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever tried that hard in my life! 

What do you love about climbing?

It’s probably what most people say, but my favourite thing about climbing is that it’s always different. Each training session you’re on different problems or at a different wall so it never gets boring even when its flipping hard. I have also really started to appreciate going to awesome places and climbing amazing looking rock! 

Who are the people that inspire you?

I actually try and stop myself idolising people too much because i’ll try and look exactly like them and worry if i’m bigger or smaller. So I don’t have a particular person but i love watching World Cup events and other competitions and they really motivate me to train harder. I think if I had to pick someone though it wouldn’t be a climber but Christine Ohuruogu. I remember watching her in the 2008 olympics come from the back of the pack to win the 400m. That was pretty inspiring.

What’s your favourite Constant Climbing tee/Design?

I think my favourite is the La Reserva Vest but my favourite print is the Lama Glama. I think this should be on a top ;)

Do you have a motto?

Try hard

Favourite film?

Chariots of Fire

Cheese or cake or cheesecake?

Definitely cake !!