Date of birth

2nd of February 1995

Where are you from?

West London

Where do you live now?

Still West London. I like it here!

How did you get into climbing?

I think I just randomly decided when I was nine that I wanted to go climbing so I went for some lessons at Brunel University’s wall and then just never stopped.

When you're not climbing, what are you doing?

Well I work in a climbing wall so most of my life is spent doing climbing related things, which is great! but I do watch a lot of movies when I want to chill out.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

Probably at the junior world championships in Singapore. The wall was built on a beach and it was a country that I had never been to before. The combination of location and competing with great climbers from all over the world made it a really cool experience.

What do you love about climbing?

The community. I love how you can go all over the world and feel comfortable with complete strangers just because you have climbing in common. I really enjoy the huge variety of interesting people that take part in the sport.

Who are the people that inspire you?

Anyone can inspire me if they are passionate and try their best. That can be in anything at any level. I think that motivation is contagious.

What’s your favourite Constant Climbing tee?

Tuskegee is my favorite. I like the larger design and colours.

Do you have a moto?

Not really sure it’s a moto but if you try your best then you can never be disappointed with the result.

Favourite film?

I couldn’t choose one. I love new films of all kinds so that generally means that if I have watched a film once then I won’t watch it again.

Cheese or cake or cheesecake?

Cheese. I put it with everything I can!