Date of birth

22nd June 1996

Where are you from?

Edinburgh, Scotland

Where do you live now?

Still in Edinburgh for now!

How did you get into climbing?

One of my mother's friends brought me to EICA Ratho to try it and I never stopped going back.

When you're not climbing, what are you doing?

Studying photography or going on adventures!

What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

Getting my first British Championship title!

What do you love about climbing?

I love the community of it, you can be part of any group and still get on with most people no matter what age or ability you are. It involves a lot of traveling and new experiences and i love it!

Who are the people that inspire you?

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and my old coach Neil McGeachy.

What’s your favourite Constant Climbing tee?

It's a tie between the Bas Cu' and the Lozen Girl Tee.

Do you have a moto?

The past is practice.

Favourite film?

Finding Nemo

Cheese or cake or cheesecake?

All at once? Probably Cake!